We’re Moving Our Blog

27 Jan


Thank you to everyone that has read, commented, tweeted or shared our blog articles and we hope to see you on our website www.levande.co.uk for future blog entries.

We’ve decided that with the build of our new site we can easily add a blog to our site, improving our search engine rating and giving us the ability to credit those writing the articles.

Thank you to www.wordpress.com for getting us started but now we bid you a fond farwell, goodbye.


Calling All Lawyers

16 Jan

With the advent of Tesco Law and significant legislative developments the way that lawyers find business is changing dramatically.  Sadly, the days where having a pretty shop sign and a reliance on word of mouth are disappearing and you are now under pressure to find new ways to help those who need you.

With this in mind we have developed a service whereby we can generate leads.  The system is easy to use, requires no software and, best of all, the cost is based entirely upon results.  This means that if you don’t get any business from the leads we pass you then you don’t pay us.  It couldn’t be simpler!

Text “LAW” to 84433 now to bring clients to your door risk free.

Fun Networking for Serious Business

7 Jan

Levande Networking EventLevande is launching a brand new networking event in Mayfair on 21st January from 6.30pm. Several companies have already signed up for the event at The Gay Hussar in Mayfair, a venue where Paxman, Blair and Cameron have all been known to dine.

While you might not rub shoulders with a political celebrity on the night, you will tuck into some excellent food that you can choose from the menu, enjoy a drink and meet potential clients and suppliers. All for just £22.50 it promises to be a relaxing yet productive way to start 2013.

Book your place now.

Happy New Year

1 Jan

Happy New Year

Here at Levande we all want to wish you a happy and prosperous 2013.

Finally, here’s food for thought if this year you earn over £14,000 then you’ll be in the richest 4% on the planet and probably still paying more tax than Starbucks.

Levande ban internal email

14 Dec

KIK_UserAs with most business owners we were sitting in the boardroom discussing how we could improve our company.  We have a great ethos, hold fantastic Christmas parties and staff say we’re great (this week) but this doesn’t mean that 2013 will be as good to us as 2012.

We began by looking at how our staff communicate and realised that although email is important to our clients and will still make up part of our marketing strategy it’s little more than a backside covering solution within the office.

So we banned it, we took away everyone’s email address and replaced it with kik (LevandeLtd is my handle in case you’re interested).  Kik is an instant messaging solution that connects everyone together via their smartphones.  It’s meant that our teams now communicate freely on Sunday’s and collaborate more; they share ideas and are less worried about suggesting them in the first place.  It’s helped the staff connect with the management team as now the door or the phone is always open to them.  I get suggestions from people who had never emailed me before and some of them are game changing.

In fact one idea is so good, Levande is going to put up a Chinese wall and our R&D team will go into “Stealth” mode to develop it.  So although I can’t credit banning internal email with increased creativity, it has reduced staff workload by 20% freeing up time to develop, create and collaborate.

Let’s put it this way, no one has missed their email address and no one is demanding it back.  Like 2012 it’ll pass on December 31st and not return.

If you’d like to know more about Levande then please visit our website.

Where’s Santa?

9 Dec

So you thought Santa doesn’t exist?

He does, and the good folks at Norad are tracking him so you can see out exactly where he is right now – http://www.noradsanta.org/.  A fantastic toy with which to treat the kids (and yourself) at this time of year!

Want to get in touch with Levande, for telemarketing, mobile, email or data marketing services?  Call us on 0203 286 9725 or just wish us a Merry Christmas on bonjour@levande.co.uk.

Seeing Christmas as the Chance to Give

2 Dec

We initially planned to send out Christmas cards to our clients this year, but realised that we could do so much more with the proposed budget.

Instead of paying out for paper and postage, we texted all our customers a Christmas message and donated the spare resource to Sightsavers – Levande’s Christmas charity for 2012/13.

The donation we made was enough to give the gift of sight to thirty-two people, as well as being a much greener option.

So we’re sorry you won’t have a glossy card to put on your mantelpiece this year, but we hope you agree it’s a worthy sacrifice.

Please pop onto our website and wish us a Merry Christmas.